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Price : RM 99.00

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a hygienic way to handle contact lens

Lens2 is meant to bring convenience to contact lens users. It is suitable for all types of contact lens. By pressing a button, Lens2 generates waveform to clean your contact lens thoroughly and it automatically stop in 3 minutes. Moreover, after cleaning, you may use Lens2 holder to wear your lenses without using fingers to avoid second time contamination. 
Products- User Guide

Take out contact lens using finger
2. Take out lens basket from cup
Put your right eyes contact lens into top compartment of the basket
Put your left contact lens into bottom compartment of the basket
Put the basket back to the cup and fill in Multi Purpose Solution until fully submerge.

Notes: You can use any type or brand of multipurpose solution except ¡®Hydrogen Peroxide'
Insert the lens case back to the cleaning slot and close the cap properly
Press START button once to initiate cleaning. It will stop automatically in 3 minutes
After cleaning, you should change to new solution before soaking contact lens overnight in lens case

Wearing Instruction
Press the pump gentlely. Release the pressure of the pump when the tip of lens holder touch the surface of contact lens.
2. Contact lens will automatically flow in when come into contact with eye-ball


1. Before using Lens2, I was just like any other normal contact lens users. At the end of the day, I would just soak it in the multipurpose solution through the night and just slip it on again the next day. All my friends did so and I was introduced to this way when I first started wearing contacts. As a student, I was up for any easy way because I don¡¯t like the hassle.
I walked into Mega Optics one day because of a promotion of O2 contacts. One of the sales persons there introduced me to Lens2. She washed the contact lens I was wearing and explained how important eye care and hygiene are. I was amazed that there is such a thing like a washing machine for the eyes! I knew that contact lenses need some special care because it is in direct contact with our eyes but I was never properly told about it. So I immediately bought it, lucky that my eyes are good at noticing promotions!
Using Lens2 somehow gives me assurance that I am taking care of my eyes. The steps are simple to follow and I feel good every morning because I am now putting on clean lenses to face each day. There is no easier way to take care of your eyes and feeling good about it!

Nor Anisa Hanan ,Medical Student, Female

2. Before I discovered Lens2, I was just using my fingertips to rub on the contact lenses while applying solutions. I was always in the state of doubting the cleanliness of my hands and always worrying about whether I¡¯ll get infections in my eye balls and all that until one day that I discovered Lens2 advertisement board hanging at the front of optometrist shop. It¡¯s undoubtedly an amazing companion for me especially I went to travel around as it just needed batteries to keep it run. And it has save up most of my time for doing another things while waiting for the contact lenses to be cleaned up ¡®itself¡¯

Chan Khai Ling, Student, Male

3. I have been a contact lens user for almost 4 years now. It is more convenient than using glasses if one moves and sweats a lot. 

      While shopping, I noticed an advertisement on, LENS2, a wash that actually cleans your lenses in 3 minutes. In my mind, it is much better to wait for 3 min rather than the usual 4 hours it takes to clean it. I am a very curious person so I bought it to try. It is a little pricey but for me who works more than 8 hours a day, using it will solve many  my problems.
       The first time I used it, I was surprised by how loud the tiny machine is. I still get people looking around finding for the noise but it does clean in 3 min. Believe me, I timed it. 
        It also said that  it cleans much better so being experimental, I tried washing the old fashion way, by soaking the lenses for 4 hours. When I tried it on, it didn't feel comfortable and I ended up using the tiny machine again. That did the trick  
        Almost 1 year into using LENS2, I have yet to regret my choice. And am happy to introduce it to anyone who are using contact lenses
Evonne Cheah

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