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Price : 280

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Wireless Electronic Anti-lost Alarm

Price : RM 52.00

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1. Easy to use, wide applicability
By the son of the local machine (transmitter) and machine (receiver) is composed of two parts, the size of a small, portable, widely used in mobile phones, wallets, bags, children and other precious objects (people) lost anti-chemicals and anti-theft purposes .

2. A full-featured, stable performance
With adjustable distance (0-25 meters of arbitrary regulation), with anti-lost, find, police audio prompts (or incidental vibration function), automatic power-saving features, there are 512 kinds of encoding using microcomputer control technology, its performance is very stable and reliable absolute .

3. The appearance of new green
Beautiful compact design precision, the use of frequency 422HZ, receive sensitivity-100dbm
Receiver Size: 60x36x15 (mm), weighing about 36.5 grams, the use of a battery on the 7th (to be owned)
Transmitter size: 44x28x8 (mm), weight 9.3 grams, the use of a CR2032 button battery (with)

4. A dual-mode alarm function, anti-lost mode can be set when the transmitter and receiver to leave a certain distance warning receiver; also can be set to search mode, when the transmitter and receiver some distance near the alarm receiver.

Technical parameters:

Frequency 422HZ, receive sensitivity-100dbm

Receiver Size: 60x36x15 (mm), weighing about 36.5 grams, the use of a battery on the 7th (to be owned)

Transmitter size: 44x28x8 (mm), weight 9.3 grams, the use of a CR2032 button battery (with)

Alarm distance: 0 ~ 25 m Adjustable

Reminded: Wireless barriers include metal walls of the building, the tram body, cable and other radio transmission of the object, set the distance will be interference with or changes in long or short.


     Sub-machine (transmitter) on the wish to prevent the lost (stolen) the objects (people) materials, and then machine (receiver) to open the switch, hanging on his waist or his pocket, when the objects to be protected ( people) was lost (stolen), leaving the owner of a certain distance, carry the machine (receiver) will automatically issue a warning, in order to find the owner, to avoid unnecessary losses.

1. To set aside the receiver switches to "ON", a "," voice prompt, using the clip with the belt buckle or clothes.

2. And then the transmitter release in the bag or attached to the mobile phone and other valuables, the transmitter switch to dial in the "ON", at this time to remind the receiver to stop the sound.

3. Once the portable transmitter with valuables left hanging in the body a few meters of the receiver, the receiver on the issue of rapid alarm reminder sound.

4. Anti-lost function: remote alarm will be allocated sub-machine power switch ON, the sub-machine lights flashing and began to send signals; will send signals on a sub-machine machine next to the machine assigned to N-ON switch, the machine issued a "" A Voice of the boot prompt, and then issued a "" Two tips to learn the sound, at this time, machine learning to the current sub-machine code into bright lights flashing from long. Completion of learning. Sub-machine on the protected objects or protected person, the machine tool to carry; when the protected persons or objects leaving the machine (0 ~ 25 m can be any regulation), the machine was given a "" connect alarm, this when the bright lights long.

5. Search function: When carrying sub-machine lost valuables and press the S-ON to find keys, machine tool vibration motor, close to the loss of items when a certain distance, the vibration motor to stop issuing "" close alarm sound, facilitate the search for missing items.
7 to 10 working days delivery lead time

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