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Air Atomizer
Price : 280

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Wireless Electronic Anti-lost Device

Price : RM 55.50

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First, the scope of application:
Anti-lost children or pets, luggage theft or purse, carry valuables or items shipped with anti-anti-lost forgotten.

Second, the product functions and features:
     1. Easy to use, wide applicability
By the son of the local machine (transmitter) and machine (receiver) is composed of two parts, the size of a small, portable, widely used in mobile phones, wallets, bags, children, and other precious objects (people) lost goods and anti-theft prevention of used.
     2. A full-featured, stable performance
With adjustable distance (0-30 meters of arbitrary regulation), with anti-lost, find, police audio prompts (or incidental vibration function), automatic power-saving features, there are 512 kinds of encoding using microcomputer control technology, its performance is very stable and reliable absolute .
     3. The appearance of new green
Beautiful compact design precision, the use of frequency 422HZ, receive sensitivity - 100dbm
     4, protection, look for double protection
Third, the way of use
1, boot
Sub-machine boot, indicator light flashes
Host boot, and issued "?#34;, and then issued a "??#34; twice to complete the sound study that has been the host and sub-machine synchronization, both into the working state, the indicator light flashes. (In the atmosphere set the alarm)
    2, alarm
Dual synchronous machine to enter the working state, when the distance between two planes started to more than when you set the distance (0-25 meters can be set), the host will report to the police whistle, when the distance between two planes into the scope of security , the host will stop the alarm.
    3, to find
Whistle alarm when the host, you will be assigned to find a file switch, host a "?#34; "?#34; the voice of the location of mobile host, when host machines near the sub-range into the set up, host both "? ֦#34; "? ֦#34; whistle of alarm, that sub-machine settings on the scope of the report to the police.

IV specification
    1, transmitter (sub-machine)
       Overall: 24.5 millimeters in diameter; thickness of 7 mm
       Weight: 6.5 grams

       Transmitter power: one 3V CR2032 button batteries, packaging has been with the battery

    2, receiver (machine)

      Shape: 60 ??36 ??15 mm
      Weight: 35.5 grams

Receiver Power Supply: 1.5V AAA battery 1 (ie: on the 7th battery), the packaging does not take batteries.
7 to 10 working days delivery lead time.

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