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Waterproof Ultrasonic Dog Anti Bark Collar Stop Barking

Price : RM 48.50

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Stop your dog barking! Does your dog bark at the wrong times? Are you sick of the neighbours complaining? Can't get any quiet time on your day off? Can't train your dog not to bark? SOLUTION: BarkStop Collar! Waterproof & built to withstand the toughest abuse, adjustable stretch collar, Ultrasonic (dogs only hear it) and Audible selections, On/Off Button, triggers accurately by bark vibration - not activated by other dogs.
The World`s First Waterproof Dog Bark Control Collar.
The Bark Stop Collar is an advanced behavior modification device designed to help train your dog to stop barking.
Built to Last-No matter if you find your dog cooling off in a lake, swimming in the pool or simply taking a nice drink, the bark stop collar waterproof design is built to stand the toughest abuse.
With bark stop technology, your dog will not only stop barking almost immediately and you won t have to worry about the device becoming damaged because of a little or allot of water. This is the world s first fully water proof bark control products available.
Simply adjust collar to appropriate size for your dog and either slide over your dogs head or unfasten the clip place on dog and fasten clip again.
When your dog barks, this collar will detect the vibration of the bark and automatically emit a ultrasonic tone signal to the dog that will stop them from barking, ultrasonic tones do not affect the dog, this is 100% safe to use and has been highly used throughout Europe, USA and Canada.
The product comes with an installation guide and with 2 free batteries to start using right away.
The unit is used to stop "excessive" barks, not completely stop all barking.
The lead time to be effective might take around 7-14 days for some dog (not immediatedly), most dog takes 4-6 week. Some rare dog take even longer. When dog understands the barking will activate the collar ultrasonic wave and caused uncomfortable sound, then the dog will start to reduce the barking times.

Size :  Adjustable Stretch Collar
Bark Control : Ultrasonic and Audible selections with On/Off button
Unique Trigger : Triggers Accurately by Bark Vibration (cannot activate by other dogs barking)
Color : White
Dimension : 2" width x 2" height x 1/4" thickness
LED Indicator : Shows weather the bark stop collar is activated

Instruction :
Simply adjust collar to appropriate size for your dog`s neck and put it up. Use the On/Off button to turn it on/off.

High Button: Setting the collar on this setting will set the sensitivity of the unit at higher settings, which means even soft bark will cause the unit to activate

Low Button: Setting the collar on `Low` setting will only activate the unit when more aggressive bark occurs.

Audible: Audible will allow everyone to hear the unit activate. This setting is recommended for testing.

Ultrasonic: This is the recommended settings for daily use. This unit will emit ultra-sound only your dogs to hear. Your dog will feel uncomfortable and stop barking. Unlike electronic or shock control collar, ultra-sound will never hurt the dog. It`s the most humane way to stop your dog from excessive barking!
Delivery lead time :  7-10 working days
As Stock is transfer from oversea.

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