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Eye Massager Therapeutic Hot Air Appliance

Price : RM 135.00

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Vibration , Heating , Air pressure

By adopting far infrared heating and microcomputer chip control technology, through fomenting, vibration and kneading etc. effects to the eyes, the eye massage device can help to add oxygen and dredge channels and collaterals on eyes, enhance the regulation ability of lens, restore the flexibility of ciliary muscles, improve the blood circulation of eyes, smooth visual tension and eye fatigue, release visual disturbance, promote metabolism and maintain health of eyesight.


  • Health protection to eyes  
  • Relieve pseudomyopia   
  • Relieve myopia, amblyopia and astigmatism.
  • Relieve prolonging and distortion of optical axis.
  • Relieve tension and fatigue on eyes.
  • Improve blood circulation on eyes.
  • Relieve insomnia, headache and hypermetropia.    
  • Theory:

    therapeutic hot air appliance operates using an electronic chip and a remote infrared system that creates vibration, and a massage effect plus heat that improves the oxygen supply to the ciliary muscles and circulation of blood in the eye. The appliance helps the eyes and the brain relax, improving the subject¡¯s metabolism and general health.  


    The primary function of this appliance is to relax the eyes and the brain. In addition, it can prevent myopia or slowdown the process of aggravation of myopia or pseudo-myopia (distortion of the eye axis).  

    Potential users: 

    Persons (students, including children) suffering from myopia, amblyopia, astigmatism.

    Persons whose profession requires extensive exposure to a computer screen (encoder operators, bookkeepers, graphic artists, engineers ¡­). 

    Persons who get rings, bags and fatigue wrinkles under the eyes, caused particularly by poor circulation of the blood.

    Persons (elderly for the most part) suffering from insomnia, headaches and farsightedness.   

    How to use :

    1.  Keep your eyes closed when you are wearing the main units.

    2.  When you are wearing the main units, the elastic should be placed behind your head!  

    Precautions for use:

    1. When you are wearing the main unit, you should keep your eyes closed. The elastic band should be placed behind your head (figure 2).

    2. Before use, check that the mask is clean.

    3. While using the appliance, relax!

    4. After use, remove the mask and close your eyes for 1 to 3 minutes.

    After you take off the mask, your vision may range from obscurity to light for three minutes  ¨Cthis is normal.

    5. After use, DO NOT wear glasses for the next three minutes.

    Available Function : Vibration , Heating ,   Air pressure , and timing setting (15 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes )


    Electric Parameter



    L x W x H cm











    Unit Weight





    Eye massager  therapeutic hot air appliance

    This product is based on the method used for acupuncture, as practiced in Chinese medicine. An IC chip produces a microcurrent at multiple frequencies to activate the acupuncture points in the eyes and the brain, stimulate the hemangiectasis of the capillary vessels, and increase the oxygen supply to the eyes and the brain, as it relaxes brain activity by decreasing pressure on the eyes and stimulating activity of the mind.

    Hi-tech regulator

    Therapeutic hot air appliance shaped like goggles


    Three main treatment functions

    Air pressure

    To massage the eye in all directions, rapidly soothing tension in the eyes, and completely eliminating any ocular fatigue, to recover perfect power of contraction of the ciliary muscles, enhancing flexibility and preventing any stretching or distortion of the eye axis.

    Warm compression

    To improve and facilitate micro circulation of eye tissues, activate the cells in the eyes, increase the oxygen supply, prevent obstruction of certain canals and stimulate propagation of capillary vessels to improve circulation of the blood, enhance the oxygen supply to the eyes and improve ocular microcirculation.

    Vibration in multi-frequency waves

    To force the eyeball to move in a rhythmical, regular way at the same frequency and to stimulate the ciliary muscle contraction process and prevent the muscle from becoming disotrted. It also helps prevent myopia and relaxes vision.   

    Warm compression

    Compression at a warm temperature that varies between 35 and 45 degrees, helps stimulate the enlargement of capillary vessels, accelerate the oxygen supply to the eyes, activate the ocular cells so as to increase the oxygen supply and prevent obstruction of the canals.

    Principle of the treatment

    To stimulate circulation using major functions ¨C air pressure, warm compresson and vibration ¨C to increase the oxygen supply to the eyes, facilitate circulation of the blood, allow both eyes to move at the same frequency and improve self-regulation of the crystalline lens by means of a micro-computer circuit. In this way, flexibility of the ciliary muscles can be improved to completely eliminate ocular tension, accelerate the metabolism, rapidly recover improved ocular vivacity, reduce tension in the ciliary muscles, promote visual activity to accelerate the metabolism and improve vision.   

    Three main principles for effectiveness

      I  To treat or prevent myopia, improve vision, prevent any stretching or distortion of the eye axis and prevent further deterioration of myopia.

      II. To refresh the eyes and reinforce the brain, eliminating any ocular tension and prevent risks due to extended exposure to a computer screen.

      III. To increase the oxygen supply to the eyes, eliminate bags and rings under the eyes, reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity of the skin.


    1. Persons suffering from myopia, amblyopia and persons whose jobs require extended exposure to a computer screen or intense visual activity. Students and children suffering from pseudomyopia, combined myopia or myopia.   

    II. Persons whose work entails prolonged exposure to a computer screen (encoder operators, bookkeepers, designers, teachers, engineers, technical personnel ¡­).

    III.  Persons who have bags or rings caused by fatigue or who have wrinkles due to poor circulation.

    7 to 10 working days delivery lead time

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