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growth, repair and maintenance of bones

90% of this calcium is in teeth and bones. Bone is living tissue that is continually being broken down and rebuilt. The bone growth rate is highest among children. Ageing and under-nutrition causes stunting, and bone breakdown to outweigh bone rebuilding. 

Adequate intake of calcium in children and adults ensures optimum growth, repair and maintenance of bones. This continues throughout life to help maximize and maintain bone mass and to minimize the rate of bone loss. 

According to USRDA, children between the ages of 1 to 12 years old require 500mg-800mg of calcium per day. The adult requirement is 800mg-1200mg daily. 
Milkal contains 10 times more calcium than regular milk. Each serving of Milkal contains 729mg of elemental (actual) calcium derived from cow's milk. Essential for children from ages 1 to 12, teenagers, women over 40, men over 50 and for all adults who do not drink milk or eat milk products daily. Absolutely vital for men and women over the age of 70 years.
Each serving (7.5 grams / 1 scoop) of Milkal contains 10 times more calcium than) regular milk (7.5 grams / 1 scoop). 

Each serving contains 729mg actual calcium to fulfill a daily requirement of children and adult of all ages. 

Calcium derived from cowĄŻs milk which is a natural source of calcium.

For adult & children: 

Mix 7.5 grams (1 scoop) with half cup of water. Add sugar to taste. Or sprinkle on breakfast cereals, porridge or to your favorite beverages. Take once daily. 

Pregnant & lactating mother: Take twice daily. 

  • Measuring scoop provided.

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