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Price : RM 86.40

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Detailed Product Description

Women often have some private problems, unable to communicate with others. Such as breast, privates, often appear some strange question, but little did not know how to tackle it. Many women in the areola, along with the growth of the age and body changes, there will be more and more dark. So, the areola, nipple, private ChuBian black is what reason? Can treat? Milk dizzy, privates Chou as same as the variable delay time, will slowly become pink color from the deepening, imperceptible black, family life, the price. What causes the areola, nipple, privates, Chou black?

Female areola, privates, even lips black, four culprit:
1, adolescence and maturity
Sex will promote the pituitary gland, strengthening translation pituitary hormone secretion out many sexual stimulation, even the middle also secrete hormones that stimulate melanin to third originally, inside and outside the areola pink lips, even Chou gradually became black YunSe.

2, fertility and abortion
If pregnant woman or abortion leads to breast and privates, people will change a breast increases slowly and areola followed, as pregnant, the effects of hormones, increasing areola and labrum black.

3, gas stagnation
Now, women because menstruation, including such special itself by physiological plus wind, cold, heat, and a hot, damp outside, cause qi disorders. Women are more sensitive, emotionally unstable, easy cause endocrine disorders, trigger areola, private ChuBian black.

4 and genetic or disease
Some women and areola is innate, lips, this is a black genetic factors, there are some women suffer diseases such as endocrine diseases, not only in facial spots in milk dizzy, nipple into dark pink lips, by.

Refuse drugs, poisons, an operation immediately with a reduction of your girl pink!
PINK sakura magic (NenGong meat) is by south Korean cosmetics Co., in conjunction with the American under Kim biological gene research center, has been developed successfully updated a PINK sakura magic II (second), NenGong element and develop the most effective natural herbal products, the latest research achievements, the high-tech patent formula, the main biological extraction technology of pure plant extract flower blossoms factor, color white bag, glittering and translucent, gently rub, and human body skin has excellent affinity, rapid activate areola, nipple, labial ministry, thigh and a body of any of the self synthetic blood subcutaneous and smooth circulation, walk, which let black pigment precipitation wipe skin in 1 minute NenGong PINK embellish naturally.

This product is specially moist, tender joint female breast skin close, excellent heat preservation and repair, in effect, massage easily enjoy rapid products will be effective ingredients into the areola subcutaneous tissue black pigment cells, and unobstructed decomposition, quicken metabolism microvascular hoard of toxins, achieve NenGong areola, nipple, privates, labial ministry wonderful effect.

  • 3 Tube Pink Magic Per Boxs
  • 12ml x 3 

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