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Home Wireless Security ALARM SYSTEM with phone line detector

Price : RM 380.00

Out Of Stock

The newly developed alarm series, homes / commercial digital wireless intelligent alarm system model  has a micro-processor chip and wireless RF control technology to ensure the reliabilities, easy installation and operation of the system.
The system consists of a Control Panel that can be installed inside any hidden area of the office or home, and the monitoring sensors such as Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor, Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Switch, Wireless Smoke Detector and Wireless Gas Leak Detector etc. are mounted on the spots that require monitoring. When the system is armed, any of the sensors/switches/detectors detects a signal will wirelessly transmit signal to the Control Panel. It will then trigger the siren and immediately autodial the preset phone numbers and transmits the pre-recorded alarm voice message to the phone owner. When the alarm signal received, the owner can take the appropriate actions or report to the police accordingly. All processes will only take a few tens of seconds.
The additional features is in case of an emergency at home for the aged persons or children, the Emergency Help Button can be pressed to activate the autodialing pre-set telephone to ask for help. The Alarm System will guard your home when you are away or resting.
1) Arming and disarming by remote controller
2) Remote arming and disarming by telephone
3) Reporting of illegal invasion by PIR detector and door magnet sensor
4) Siren buzzing for field overawing and alarming
5) Smoke and fire alarm (detector needed)
6) Toxic gas leaking alarm (detector needed)
7) Alarm for accident event and emergency help
8) Auto-dial to preset telephone numbers for voice reporting
9) Six groups of alarm telephone numbers preset for voice reporting
10) Self-alarm when telephone cable is disconnected or destroyed
1) Convenient installation, easy operation
2) Wireless alarm
3) Phone line protects being cut, auto-check
4) Alarming priority, when engaged line or kill-line
5) Input data will not be lost even power down
6) Increase additional accessories by fixed code
7) Identifying alarm event by phone, such as fire-alarm, invading, gas leakage
1) Supply voltage: 9-12V DC
2) Arming current: 16mA
3) Disarming current: 15.5mA
4) Alarm current: 250mA
5) dB output: 110dB
6) Operating frequency: 315MHz+/-0.2MHz
7) RF sensitivity: -105dBm
8) Environment temperature: -10-+50C
9) Environment humidity: <95%
Package Content
1 unit of control panel
2 units of remote controller
4 unit of wireless magnet door
1 unit of wireless PIR sensor
1 unit of siren
1 unit of AC adapter
1 unit of telephone cable
batteries included
User Manual (english)
Each additional door/window magnetic sensors add RM45
Each Vibration Sensor add RM47
Each wireless PIR sensor add RM80
1. Max how many sensor can be installed ? 100
2. If alarm trigger than alarm will call out and let us know which zon is trigger? No
3. My house do not have fixed line, can I use mobile phone line ? No
12 Months Warranty  on Manufacturer Defect

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