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MST SCALAR Pendant ( Loket Tenaga )

Price : RM 550.00

Out Of Stock

Great product with great income


The MST Scalar Pendant has been developed based on applied science, technology and minerals which are abundantly available in our earth. When you wear it, it provides your body with endless energy. The pendant or any Scalar product is a new technology but it has been available since the beginning of time. The pendant generates a therapeutic energy field called Scalar waves. It can raise the energy level in every cell in your body. It will allow your body to function at its optimum level resulting in your body having the required energy it needs for your body to do its work. The Pendant regenerates your bodily cells and keeps you in good health.

  • Enhances your immune and endocrine system
  • Enhances your cellular permeability
  • Enhances your cellular nutritional system
  • Helps your body in detoxification
  • Helps to protect your DNA from being damaged
  • Helps you to prevent and guard against cancer
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Improves your energy requirements
  • Improves your mental faculty of concentration
  • Protects you against electro magnetic fields and waves
  • Protects you from bodily inflammation

MST ENERGY PENDANT is based on Japanese Technology. Ití»s made from    natural mineral and   bonded    together   at  a  molecular level which produces bio energy  known  as Scalar Energy.  It improves and  enhances your body blood circulation. It helps to maintain a  balanced flow of energy giving you a healthier life.


LOKET TENAGA MST Adalah satu penemuan teknologi Negara Jepun. Ia        diperbuat daripada garam galian semulajadi serta gabungan bersama tahap molekul yang     meghasilkan tenaga bio yang dikenali sebagai Tenaga Scalar. Ia mampu meningkatkan tahap dan mutu kesihatan tubuh badan serta melancarkan perjalanan darah. Ia juga     mampu menstabilkan kembali pengaliran  tenaga untuk memberi kesihatan dan kehidupan yang sempurna.





Meningkatkan sistem imuniti organ dalaman

Meningkatan kekuataan sel tubuh badan

Meningkatan sistem penghadaman

Membantu tubuh badan dalam proses ditoksifikasi

Melindungi DNA dari kerosakan

Mencegah dan melindungi dari penyakit kanser

Memperbaiki pengaliran darah

Meningkatkan dan menambah tenaga

Memperbaiki daya tumpuan

Melindungi dari EMF dan gelombang electro

Melindungi tubuh badan dan mengurangkan radang

Menghalang pembekuan sel

Menenangkan serta mententeramkan fikiran


MST GLOBAL SDN BHD in collaboration with its affiliated company has Researched, Developed and created an energy pendant and related products resulting in you attaining amazing benefits to your health.

By using the pendant, it releases scalar energy in the form of molecules which will expand in a wave like manner in your body cells and bodily tissues.

The pendant is the result of extensive research carried out by our affiliate based on the continuing and available research written and published by the Max Planck Institute in Germany.
Scalar Energy is a combination of applied science and technology. Over the years of my involvement with this mineral known as Scalar Energy, I have come to realise that it can assist people to improve their health.

As I travelled and associated with people of all walks of life and those who have used Scalar Energy, I have noticed that Scalar Energy has given and enhanced their health by providing them a natural course of healing to any ailment they have had.

This observation compelled me to come out with some product which contains Scalar Energy such as the powerful pendant so that when it is used by any person, it enhances the flow of energy within their physical body.

Malek Noor's Sport Achievements:
  • Mr. Universe Heavyweight Finalist (2 times)
  • Mr Asia Heavyweight (6 times)
  • Mr. ASEAN Heavyweight (4 times)
  • Mr. Malaysia Heavyweight (6 times)

Malek Noor's Special Awards:
  • Malaysian Sportsman of the Year 1985
  • Gold Award for Benson and Hedges Sports Personality 1985
  • Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) 1986
  • Sultan Ibrahim (PIS) 1986
  • Legendary Sportsman of Malaysia
I underwent a major operation some years ago. It was to reconnect some torn tissues on my left arm. Thereafter, I was having some difficulties in clasping my fingers in my left hand. To my amazement, after using the Energy Pendant, I am now able to clasp my fingers in my left hand with ease.

I have also discovered that since using the Pendant, I am able to walk immediately after standing up from a seating position. Before, I had to wait for a few seconds after getting up. This problem came about after I underwent three operations to my left knee and one operation to my right knee to fix my torn ligaments.

Ever since, I have found and started using this amazing MST Energy Pendant there is no more recurrence of my problem. Today, I feel healthier and more energetic. I used to have a stiff elbow and frequent headaches. It is now a thing of the past. I have no more sleepless nights. On the whole, my appetite has improved greatly. I feel more energetic and my sexual interest has enhanced.

I also operate a few gymnasiums and have introduced the MST Energy Pendant to some of the patrons at the Gyms. They have reported that the MST Energy Pendant had enables them to lift the weights with ease.

One of our friends who used the MST Energy Pendant confirmed that his sharp shooting abilities in the Police Force had greatly improved. He claimed that it has made his arm more stable during his firing practices. It has also relieved him of his stomach aches and toothaches.

Many people after using the MST Energy Pendant have reported that it has eliminated the numbness in their arms and legs. This pendant has given them an increased amount of energy in carrying out their daily activities.

Therefore, I have concluded that by starting this business through MST Global Sdn. Bhd. to market the MST Energy Pendant that have given me more energy, this has enable me to reach out and share with more people and hope that it can also help you to attain and maintain a better and healthier life.

"MST Scalar Pendant is nothing religious. It is given by God to heal you and for your health"

- Malek Noor (AMN, PIS)
I had a stroke. It resulted in my face sagging to one side. Then I was introduced to the MST Energy Pendant. I did not believe that it would help me.

However after noticing the improvement in my friend Malek Noor's health, I decided to sought his advice. I started to wear the MST Energy Pendant.

After a week I felt more energetic. On the second week, I noticed that the side of my face that had sagged began to improve and over time it has healed and became normal.

- Dato Bahrum
 Ahmad Temizi - Manager, 43 years
Being an asthmatic patient, I rely on ventolin to give me relief when I have difficulty in breathing. Sometime ago, a colleague of mine recommended that I should use the MST Energy Pendant.

I had no idea of what it was all about. I decided to purchase the Pendant and use it.Initially, I did not see any improvement. After a few days of using the Pendant, I was surprised by the way I felt. I became more energetic. As time went on, I became less dependent on ventolin to overcome my breathing difficulties.

I was able to walk a further distance without difficulties even claiming up the stairs at my home and at the office or at other public places, became more easy and I could do it with ease. In the past, even when I was using ventolin, I used to run out of breath and had difficulty in walking a short distance or claiming up stairs. Now I am able to walk about freely but occasionally, I still use ventolin.

I recommend the MST Pendant to any person who has asthma. It would give you a surprising and wonderful effect and would ease the difficulties you have in breathing. It is an amazing product.

- Ahmad Temizi
 Halim Shah - 50 years
Golfing has been my hobby and past time for some good years. Recently, I started to get tired easily. Walking around the green at the golf coast became difficult. My legs would become weary and I would be dispirited in attempting to play a game of 18 holes.

I discussed my condition with a golfing friend of mine. He showed me the Pendant he was using. He recommended that I purchase the MST Energy Pendant. He informed me that by using the Pendant, it will help improve my blood circulation and I wood attain and maintain more energy in my body.

The end result would be that I would not easily get tired by continuing to play my usual 18 holes of golf. I purchased it and used it. To my surprise, I now do not easily get tired. I am able to play a game of 18 holes and my legs do not get weary. I also noticed that after using the Pendant, I have also improved in my swing during my game of golf.

I am now happy and comfortable and I recommend it to any other golfer or any person who gets tired easily. In some ways I personally feel that my general health conditions have also improved. Why don't you buy one and let the Pendant make the difference in your lifestyle that you lead.

- Halim Shah
 Azlan Seriman - 22 years, from the University of Frankfurt
During my semester break from the University of Frankfurt in Germany where I am currently attending full time classes, I recently came home to Kuala Lumpur. A friend of mine informed me that he is associated and knows a group of people who would be joining a company that markets a new brand of a Pendant which goes by the name of MST Scalar Pendant.

He advised me that anyone who uses the Pendant on their body, would achieve and maintain a healthy body and stay healthy. After a few days of thinking over the matter and since I have been having sinus problems ever since I was a child and even though I have had two operations I was having recurring problems with my sinus.

I re-approached my friend and purchased a Pendant. The advise was that, I should put a glass of water on top of the Pendant. The Pendant will charge the water in the glass and I should sniff the water. I should also wash my face as often as I desire with the charged water. I was also advised to charge the water with the Pendant and drink the water.

I followed the advise. Believe it or not, after following the procedure provided for by my friend, I realized that the extreme discomfort I used to have with my sinus are now a think of the past. I am indeed happy with the MST Scalar Pendant. It is a great product. I congratulate MST Global Sdn Bhd for introducing such a fine product into the market.

- Azlan Seriman
 Datin Azizah
Malek Noor introduced me to the Scalar Energy Pendant. By nature, I am a very Skeptical person. I maintain a very hectic schedule. I did confide in Malek that I was easily getting very tired and sometimes I feel I do not have enough energy to keep up with my various appointments.

Based on Malek Noor's advise that the MST Pendant will enhance and improve the energy that I require to keep up with the pace of my hectic schedule. I decided to obtain one pendant and wear it. I now realise that by continuing to wear the Pendant, it has helped my body to attain and retain more energy which in return has helped to improve my blood circulation.

I also feel that with the improvement in my blood circulation it has by itself helped to remove the pressures I feel in my arms and my legs. Remarkably the Pendant has reduced the swelling in my feet and ankle.

Now I have purchased a Pendant for each member of my family and I have given a special gift to my Datuk husband. As a family we feel that we have gained more energy and stamina and we are able to live a healthier lifestyle.

- Datin Azizah
 Sharip Sallih - Pensioner, 56 years
From many years, I have been suffering from Gout. Many men of my age would be aware of this disease. It is an inflammation of certain joints in your leg. I had difficulty in walking and sometimes the pain would become unbearable. I had difficulty in performing my daily obligations in respect of my prayer time.

I also had difficulty in getting in and out of my bed. After I was introduced and I purchased this Scalar Energy Pendant, I realized that the inflammation in my joints receded. Now I seem to have acquired adequate energy and I am able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The acute pain which I used to have on my knees and ankles have been reduced. I can now perform my daily obligations in respect of my prayer time with ease. I recommend the Pendant to anyone regardless of their age. It is a marvelous product introduced by MST Global. Get one now and stay healthy.

- Sharip Sallih


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