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PerformTex Kinesiology Tape 5cmx5m

Price : RM 65.50

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PerformTex™ Tape offers all of the therapeutic benefits you have come to expect from kinesiology tapes, but due to our patented, unique, twin groove technology, PerformTex™ Tape will encourage quicker moisture and perspiration wicking capabilities and increased skin breathability, alleviating two of the biggest factors when it comes to in-adverse skin reactions. This coupled with our opposing sine wave “pressure diamond” pattern that encourages increased mechanical transduction input through the skin into the superficial and deeper fascial layers.

So whether you are competing in your third Crossfit Games™, second Ironman™ triathlon or taking Fido for a quick stroll around the neighborhood, this product is for you. PerformTex™ Tape is easy to apply, safe for all ages and injury related conditions, and can withstand the rigors of a down and dirty extreme athlete to the warriors of the cubicle setting.

With PerformTex™ Tape, get the quality, performance and increased results you've long come to expect, at almost half the price.

PerformTex™ Tape Specifications

No latex
100% cotton
100% medical grade, heat activated adhesive
Water resistant
Stays on up to 5 days
7-10 applications per roll
Size 2” x 16+’

PerformTex™ Tape Functions

provide support to joints and muscles
relieve pain
reduce swelling and inflammation
accelerate recovery and healing from intense exercise
prevent overuse and overcontraction of working muscles
delay fatigue and improve endurance
PerformTex™ Tape comes in six, yes count them six, exciting colors

Jet Black. For the ultimate Ninja warrior.
Titanium. The "duct" tape of the kinesiology taping world, make it your go to tape.
Speed Green. The in-your-face, conversation starting, guaranteed to get you noticed color.
Orange You Glad. Orangeyouglad that your tape actually sticks, orangeyouglad you are paying almost half of that of anyone else, orangeyouglad for PerformTex, we are.
Mauvelous. You will look Mauvvvvvvelous, in our light, soothing, easy on the eyes as well as the skin, color.  
Au Naturel. This skin toned color is just what the doctor ordered, no literally, this is what the doctor did order, a neutral, skin toned tape for that clinic use.

Great for knee, back, shoulder, and elbow pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel, plantar issues, ankle support neck support, bottom line is you name the condition, chances are we have taped it up.

10 working days delivery lead time

cell growth, muscle maintenance and tissue repair
Sale : RM 19.95