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Air Atomizer
Price : 280

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Price : RM 135.00

Out Of Stock



watch Video here


Why buy
The no. 1 source of asthma and other allergies is loose dust particles. RoboMop targets exactly this type of dust in addition to removal of light stains.


The 8.5 centimetre low mop actually cleans areas where you usually do not clean yourself like under sofas, beds and cupboards. (Where the real amounts of dust piles up).
We are all looking for ways to make our lives more efficient. There are other and more high- tech options to this product on the market but to a price that most consumers would find high. Robomop is considerable lower in price due to its simple but efficient technology.  
Dry mopping and disposable non- woven dust cloths has become a generally accepted method of cleaning world wide as it picks up loose dirt more easily than mopping with water. Many scientists even argue that wet mopping actually helps to spread the germs while dry mops solve this problem. Additionally, frequent use of soap may damage your floor surface.


The RoboMop will run across your floor at a speed of 60m2/h and will cover a 60m2 surface with 98% accuracy in 1 hour.


In increasingly busy environment we live in The RoboMop leaves you to spend your time doing other more rewarding activities. The user simply leaves the mop on the floor. RoboMop requires no supervision as it will not get stuck anywhere.


The dry mop is that it requires less effort to start to use than adding water and soap. Additionally, you never have to squeeze a cloth infested with germs and to dry up the floor afterwards.


This is a unique invention for elder generations and people with movement disabilities as it will eliminate unhealthy movements related to cleaning.


The dirt can easily be disposed and leaves no source for germ and bacteria spread.


The Robomop requires low power in order to operate efficiently. This means that the effect on your electricity bills is marginal.
The RoboMop operates silently relative to other robotic cleaning devices on the market. You can easily read a book or even watch TV without being disturbed.
The Robomop bounces efficiently off carpets and does not get tangled up in power cords and similar.
The soft frame design of the RoboMop frame makes the impact on furniture as gentle as possible.
The Robomop in particular targets the dust that swirls around. By keeping the swirling dust away, the level of dust falling down on surfaces such as tables, TV screens, and even picture frames will be significantly reduces. RoboMop will also have an effect on the swirling dust that is a major cause of asthma.
The RoboMop VoltaWeb dustpaper is designed to generate electrostatic power. This is achieved through friction against the floor surface and the paper and it improves the ability to attract dust.
The RoboMop VoltaWeb dustpaper is non woven dustpaper, this means that the paper contains many small pockets that make it able to absorb more and hold on to the dust more efficiently than normal paper.





Robomop is the cleaning sensation from Norway and is now available in the Countrys exclusively from the Company name! Robomop is designed to sweep your floor for you so you'l have extra time to take care of more important things or just sit back and relax. Simple attach an Electrostatic Pad, set the cleaning time on the Robotic Ball, place it in the Cleaning Frame and watch Robomop automatically sweep your floors for you - it's that easy! The Electrostatic Pad attracts dirt and hair like a magnet. THen when it's soiled, just remove and toss in the trash. Using smart sensor technology, it navigates smoothy and silently, cleaning dirty edges under the kitchen counter, around walls and under furniture. THe flexible edges won't damage furniture. It's great for all your hard floor surfaces like wood floors, ceramic tile, granite, marble and linoleum. You'll love your new Robomop.

Customer comments

?Thanks for the Robomop,Its realy fantastic with this kind of technic is doing with the dust in our house

We just use it one hour every day and most of the dust is gone?

Henk de Zwart


I have bought Robomop some months ago and I am still highly excited about the way how this tool works. I have to admit that I have tuned my Robomop a little bit by changing the battery to a 2000 mAh model which improves the coverage by 30%,0. Although it needs a bit of preparation (rugs have to be removed in order to give way for the Robomop) it improved my single-person household life a lot. I tried ?more intelligent?solutions as well but the result was worse regardless of the much higher price of the devices.?

Andreas Blaha


Just got one as Christmas present.

It's great! It's solving the cat's fur problem....... and it's funny. I called it PRISCILLA?



Hello, I purchased the Robocop from QVC about a year ago. I am taking up all of my carpet due to allergies and I am also physically challenged. I love this unit and it worked very well in my bathroom. ?

C. Lassiter


I bought the Robomop a month ago and I enjoy it very much. I'm living alone and and the Robomop helps me to keep the flat relatively clean (I never have enough time for cleaning). It's a genious invention and I thank to everybody who is involved in its production and distribution.?

Israel Shnaidman


I have robomop about one month.

We have two angora cats a short hair dog.

The mop takes the hairs and small particles from places that generally we can not reach before.

We enjoy it, my cats love it.

The grandchild's can car the robomop?

Shmuel Essenfeld


I have bought one of your very interesting device ( Robomop floor cleaner) and I got surprise. It's so great!?

Marco Penz a


I just bought a RoboMop and i think it is a genius invention?

Tove Finsrud


Brilliant product!!

Carl A.Eriksen


I bought a robomot through the internet & its great

Eliezer Hurwitz


"I would like to thank you for this great product it has assisted me greatly in my house cleaning chores !?


Country unknown

Love the robo mop!?

Rick Mikesell


Wonderful product, works so well. Thank you?



Happy user: Look at me with my robomop ( picture).

It works!!!!!?



I have bought a robomop, The concept is genious!!!!!!!

Erik Gunnes


We went on holiday in Finland and our friends have this fantastique Robomop it is so great congratulation?

No Name


While on a visit to Europe recently I saw your wonderful robomop in action. We have dogs and consequently dust and hairs all over the floors. I am confident a robomop would save my back from bending and sweeping.?



Hi there, i have purchased a robomop recently and found it to be very useful for cleaning my home.?

No Name


"We bought robomop and found it to be very useful. ?

John Deguara


I purchased a Robomop on 11 March 2004 in France , and have been delighted with it.?

Sian Wilmot-Hall


I am a lucky owner of the robomop (bought it as a joke but it really works).?

Patrick Hendrikx





1. How much is the refill dustpad? we are selling 100 pads at RM100 at

2. How long does it take to recharge the Robomop?
Approximately 3-5 hours.

3.Packing weight is up to 1.5KG




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