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Fabuloss 5

Price : RM 49.95

Out Of Stock

lose weight fast, easy and effectively

Fabuloss 5 is a powerful combination of 5 active fat busting ingredients to help you lose weight fast, easy and effectively. Taken 1 minute before meal, it can absorb 75-100 times its own weight in fat from the food you consume. The extra fat will hen be excreted naturally through bowel movements. It is an all natural formula that is absolutely SAFE for consumption with no ill side effects.
LIPO CHITOSAN - Amazingly effective fat binder derived from shellfish shells, it can absorb between 75-100 items its own weight in fat.

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE - Proven in scientific studies to reduce sugar craving.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE - Effectively metabolises carbohydrates, fats and protein while also suppressing appetite.

CITRUS AURANTIUM - Natural digestive stimulant which also increases the metabolic rate.

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA - Renowned fat burning agent as well as as appetite supressant.
This product is in the form of vegetarian capsules.
# 60 capsules

Garcinia Cambogia 1300
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Sale : RM 125

AyurSlim - hot and very effective
Out Of Stock
Sale : RM 70

Out Of Stock
attracts fat and saturated fat from the upper and lower intestines
Sale : RM 39.95

Tummy Trimmer Powder
Out Of Stock
Sale : RM 39.95