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Air Atomizer
Price : 280

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MedKlinn Asens (400 sq ft)

Price : RM 599.00

Please order at Moresales.Asia

Free Delivery within West Malaysia

Free Delivery within West Malaysia

One Year Warranty

Coverage area : 400 sq ft
Dimension : 125 x 125 x 140 (mm)
Weight : 550g

Packing : W165mm x D165mm x H235mm,  918g

The MedKlinn Asens is driven by Cerafusion?Ion Technology, the latest in ionization technology. The technology conforms to the relevant stringent electrical safely standards.

When the MedKlinn Asens is operating, freshness begins to fill the room. This is like the invigorating smell found near a large waterfall or after a thunderstorm, but in much greater measure. Like a gushing fountain, the MedKlinn Asens floods the room with massive amounts of beneficial negative ions. This continuous stream of cleaning ions quickly bind and remove airborne particles, as well as destroying both surface-bound and airborne micro-organisms, leaving in its place a clean, healthy and fresh environment for you and your loved ones.

The MedKlinn Asens Premium incorporates a Turbo function which can significantly increase the efficiency and coverage. This function is controlled by a timer with various duration to provide the optimum air cleaning requirement. MedKlinn Asens and Asens Premium, bringing nature back into your living space... enhancing your life.

Features & Benefits

  • Generates more than 3 million negative ions per second
  • Wide and effective cleaning and sterilizing range
  • Sterilizing effects on walls and exposed areas
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Power consumption of less than 6 watts
  • Designed for continuous 24-hour operation
  • No moving parts
  • Silent operation
  • No soot formation
  • Ozone emission certified to be below the toxic level of <0.05ppm as recommended by WHO and EPA.

Recommended for use in:
Condominiums and houses
Offices/meeting rooms
Computer rooms
Hotels/serviced apartments
Kitchens and canteens
Food preparation areas
Restaurants/pubs/entertainment areas
Fresh food display areas
Fitness centers
School and kindergartens
Day care centers
Guest rooms
Public toilets
Indoor pet and animal areas
Indoor conservatories
Indoor livestock breeding areas
Rubbish and waste disposal area

Health and therapeutic benefits of negative ions:

  • Reduces sinus and allergy attacks from airborne dust and allergens
  • Reduces the risk of infections
  • Eliminates the harmful effects of tobacco smoke
  • Removes offensive organic odors such as from mould, fungi and bacteria
  • Reduces fatigue Improves recovery from strenuous physical activities.
  • Reduction of house dust and pollen.

Economic and quality of life benefits:

  • Reduces monetary and time loss from illnesses
  • Reduces effects of Sick Building Syndrome
  • Improves productivity
  • Improves quality of family and social life
  • Increases alertness and concentration


Cerafusion Ion Technology

Mankind has been harnessing the cleaning power and beneficial health effects of negative ions as far back as 70 years ago. Ongoing and in-depth research into the most innovative ionization process resulted in the Cerafusion?Ion Technology.

The Cerafusion Ion Technology, a patent pending Japanese technology is designed to bring nature back into your living space - and thus enhance your life. The key lies in its ability to produce massive amounts of ions - which it achieves when a high voltage is driven through the Cerafusion Ion module, a fusion of ceramic/silica and special metal alloys. The high optimal energy passing through the inner electrode to the outer star-studded surface of the module induces massive ionization. This process is further enhanced by state of the art electronic engineering to maintain precise modulation of ionization power.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. There are so many ionizers and hybrid ionizer products on the market ,what's special about the MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium?

There is incontrovertible evidence that negative ions have many benefits, from cleaning and detoxifying indoor air, removing offensive odours and tobacco smoke, to direct health benefits. However, for these to effects to take place, there must be enough negative ions generated by an ionizer to make these happen.

The stand-out features of the MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium against other ionizers are:

Generates massive amounts of negative ions;
Designed for continuous 24/hour, 365/day operation;
Minimal maintenance, with no filters to clean or replace (Not applicable for Asens Premium), or ionizer needles to replace;
Extremely economical to run, even on a continuous basis (electricity cost is approx. US$0.03/day);
Virtually silent operation;
Does not create the dreaded ?blackwall?effect of depositing soot on furnishings or walls;
Designed to continue generating negative ions for many years.
Many of the ionizers on the market have some of these features, but no one ionizer has combined them all, except the MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium.

2. How does the MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium work?

The MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium generates massive amounts of beneficial negative ions by a process called "CerafusionTM Ion Technology"  The CerafusionTM Ion Technology, a patent pending Japanese technology is designed to bring nature back into your living space - and thus enhance your life. The key lies in its ability to produce massive amounts of ions - which it achieves when a high voltage is driven through the CerafusionTMIon module, a fusion of ceramic / silica and special metal alloys. The high optimal energy passing through the inner electrode to the outer star-studded surface of the module induces massive ionization. This process is further enhanced by state of the art electronic engineering to maintain precise modulation of ionization power.

These high-energy electrons in turn dissociate oxygen molecules into highly unstable, extremely reactive oxygen atoms, and we call these activated oxygen atoms ?negative ions? It is these negative ions that react with pollutants and odours to convert them into harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide and water; bind onto the cell walls of germs and kill them; cause dust particles to clump together and fall to the floor; and confer health benefits to humans.

3. Where do I place the unit?

This depends on what you want the negative ions to achieve in a room. If it is to clean the air of dust, pollutants, germs or odours, it may be left in any convenient location within the room. These effects will be achieved faster if the unit is placed under or next to a source of air circulation such as a fan or an air conditioner ?the air current will then help to disperse the negative ions much quicker throughout the room.

4. How do I know if the unit is working or not?

When the unit is switched on, a red light should be lit at the "POWER" button. Next, press the "POWER "button by default, the blue LED light will be displayed at LOW mode.

You should hear a slight hissing sound coming out from the unit. This hissing sound is due to the ionization process of the Cerafusion Technology. At Low setting, the pause between the hissing sound is longer and becomes shorter as the setting moves to MID and then HI.

If the LED light is still unlit, place the unit near to your ear and check if there is any hissing sound. If there is, then the unit is working, and the LED light has fused. This is of no consequence and the unit will continue to function normally.

If however, neither the LED light nor the hissing sound is apparent, contact your authorized MedKlinn Service Centre to have the Asens/Asens Premium serviced.

5. How long should I leave the unit running?

The MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium is designed to be working 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. The device is meant to be left on all the time so that it can continuously clean your indoor air around the clock. This means that your indoor air is being cleaned and refreshed throughout the day and night, reducing the dangers of air pollutants, airborne germs and dust particles to you and your family.

6. Should I move it from room to room?

It is highly recommended that the Asens/Asens Premium is kept in one room all the time. This will allow continuous cleaning of the air within that room and ensure that the air inside is always clean and fresh. Moving the unit from room to room will prevent this round the clock cleaning.
Children are the ones most vulnerable to polluted air, and many studies have shown that exposure to airborne pollutants and toxic gases can result in serious respiratory diseases, and even cancer. Therefore, the first room for the MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium should be the children's bedroom, since a large proportion of their time is spent there.

7. How do I clean the unit?

The MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium has been designed for your convenience. Therefore, there is no routine or regular maintenance required.

There are no filters to clean or replace, except for the fan filter in the ASENS Premium (see below).
There may be some staining around the ventilation slots after a while. This is due to evaporation of water and accumulation of fine dust around the slots. To remove the stains, wipe gently with a slightly damp cloth.
Ensure that the ventilation slots are not clogged with dust or dirt.
The MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium is primarily designed for use in homes and offices. In such situations, no routine servicing is required. However, over time, and if the Asens/Asens Premium is used in smoky or oily environments such as smoking rooms or kitchens, the device may be coated with debris and its effectiveness may deteriorate. Should this happen, the Asens/Asens Premium should be returned for servicing. There will be a servicing fee for cleaning the affected unit.

It is recommended to send in the device for general service every year to optimize the effectiveness of the device.

For Asens Premium only

Washing the fan filter
The fan filter is specially designed to protect and slow down the accumulation of dust and dirt in the fan.

To maintain optimum performance of the device, it is recommended that the fan filter be regularly checked and cleaned to remove any accumulated dust and dirt. Before removing fan filter, please unplug the power cord, and never handle the plug with wet hands.

8. Do I need to do any other cleaning?

You may notice that after the MedKlinn Asens/Asens Premium has been turned on in a room for a few days that the floor is dustier. This indicates that the negative ions have caused dust particles normally suspended in the air to clump together and fall to the ground. This removes harmful and allergy-causing particles from the air so that they can no longer be breathed into the lungs and cause harm. Continue with your usual vacuuming or mopping to remove the dust from the floor.

9. Is it safe to leave the Air Sterilizer switched on when I am away on vacation?

It is perfectly safe to leave the Asens/Asens Premium running even when the house is empty. In fact, leaving the unit on will ensure that the indoor air is kept clean and fresh, and also prevent fungal growth and musty smells developing. Just ensure that the ventilation slots of the unit are not covered so that excessive heat will not build up.

10. Can you have too many negative ions?

Studies on positive and negative air ions date back to the 1930s. Whilst many studies have shown conclusively that humans can suffer from excessive positive air ions in the environment, there have been no studies that have shown any ill effects with negative ions.

On the contrary, it would seem that the more negative ions there are in the air, the greater the health benefits to man. Humans benefit not only from the air cleaning effects of negative ions, but more and more studies point to direct beneficial effects of negative ions on human physiology and metabolism.

On the flip side, scientists in Germany in 1997(1) deprived laboratory mice and rats of both negative and positive ions in experimental cages. They found that prolonged deficiency of these ions lead to accelerated death of the animals. When the dead animals were examined, the findings strongly suggested that death was related to disturbances in hormonal regulation and pituitary gland insufficiency.

In an earlier experiment by Russian researchers in 1996(2), rats were subjected to acute stress by immobilization in narrow tubes for one hour. It was found that those rats that had been prepared by exposure to an ionizer in the week prior to the experiment were protected from the physiological changes induced by immobilization found in the untreated rats.

Both these experiments lend credence to the often anecdotal claims of beneficial effects of negative ions on health.

Z Naturforsch [C]. 1997 May-Jun;52(5-6):396-404. Is atmospheric superoxide vitally necessary? Accelerated death of animals in a quasi-neutral electric atmosphere. Goldstein N
Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat Im I P Pavlova. 1996 May-Jun;46(3):564-70. The prophylactic effect of negatively charged air ions in acute stress in rats with different typological behavioral characteristics Livanova LM

Customer Testimonials

MedKlinn is truly an amazing product. Last Christmas, our contractors only finished painting our living area just 2 days before Christmas. I had heard from a friend that he had used the MedKlinn unit to neutralize the smell of Durian in his kitchen. So I setup a MedKlinn unit in the hall and set it on full. In just over 1 day all the chemical smell from the paint absolutely disappeared. In fact other rooms that had been painted before the living room still had a residual smell, but air in the living area was fresh.

Suraj Andrew Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  22nd December 2008


My husband and I purchased a intermediate terrace house in PJ. It was originally designed by the British with an air-well in the center of the house. Since the air-well had been sealed, the rooms in the house had no fresh air. I was very upset at the staleness of the air and even tried persuading my hubbie to find us another home. He then decided to try purchasing a Med Klinn unit. The manufacturer claimed it made the air around it fresh. Within 10 hours or running it, the air in our rooms were fresher than the air outside the house. We decided to keep the house. I will highly recommend it to anyone.


Keow Mei-Lynn Petaling Jaya Malaysia 22nd December 2008



I bought 2 units of the Air Sterilizer for 2 rooms in my apartment about one month ago, just when the haze was getting bad. I find them very useful even though my rooms are not fully air-conditioned all the time; rather the windows are open slightly. The air smells different on the lower floor where the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer is, and we no longer get the ?haze/burning smell? After using the air Sterilizer in my bedroom, I now find that I no longer have a sore throat or running nose the next morning; this usually happend in the past before I got the unit.


At present I also place the MedKlinn in my walk-in closet and store room when I go to work. I believe it can help keep the germs, damp and moulds away. I am also considering buying two more sets for my mum?s house as I find the product very effective and low cost to maintain.


Josiah Ng, Singapore 26th October 2006



I used to suffer from the classical symptoms of allergies which affected my skin, eyes & nose. I was diagnosed in childhood and have had severe eczema throughout my life. Since I started using the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer 2 months ago, within 1 week, I felt a difference in my condition. My eyes were less itchy & nose not as blocked. So I started reducing my usage of medication. 1 month later, I stopped using the nasal spray & eye drops as my condition had further improved. My eczema is now also better and when i have a rash, it tends to subside quicker and is less itchy. I was skeptical in the beginning but was amazed at the result of this small device. I leave the device on continuously in my bedroom. I also feel tat my sleep is improved and deeper.


Kon Khen Meng, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 22nd September 2006



My wife was 2 months pregnant when I bought the Medklinn Air Sterilizer for her. Before this she had a problem with waking up at nights because of her stuffy nose. This is almost a nightly routine for her - waking up, trying to clear her nostril, trying to relax and go to sleep again. She complained a lot and was very short tempered, taking it out on me when she had a chance because of the interrupted sleep almost every night. After the first night with the Medklinn, my wife complained of a headache. I reassured her and she slept with the Medklinn with the setting reduced to minimum on the second night (we used the maximum setting the first time). She has never complained of a headache again from then. Now, she will wake up early and is able to sleep uninterrupted every night. When she is happy, I?m happy!


I used to clean up the room every weekend. Despite vacuuming and mopping, it did not help her at all! Now, I skip the routine weekend cleaning and she still sleeps calmly at night. Even though I saw other products in the market that looked more efficient, bigger sized and having fans and all sorts of functions, I still believe I have made the right choice. The Medklinn is a wonderful product simply because it DELIVERS MORE!


Pregnancy is a crucial period in a family?s life. I am anticipating my second child. Learning from my mistake with my first born son, I intend to make it easier and less stressful for both my wife and unborn child for now. The Medklinn helped me solve one of the many problems a father has to face. Thank you.


P H Low, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 14th August 2006



I have been suffering with asthma for more than forty years, and had reached the stage when I was wheezing virtually every morning on waking. I have to use an Asthalin inhaler daily.


Two months ago, my brother gave me a MedKlinn Air Sterilizer to see if it would help my condition. After two weeks, I noticed that my asthma was beginning to improve, and now I have wheezing attacks less than two to three times a week. I have also managed to reduce the use of my inhaler. In addition I?ve not been affected by colds as often, and I don?t seem to sneeze much any more.


I turn the Air Sterilizer on only when I sleep, for about nine hours each night. I notice a freshness in the room after the unit has been on. I am very happy with how my condition has improved, and would heartily recommend the Air Sterilizer to anyone with a similar condition to mine.


Mrs. R. Shantha, Chennai, India 3rd July 2006



My brother was vacationing in Australia and I had stopped by his house to feed his precious Japanese koi. When I entered the house, a gush of foul air permeated my nostrils. The pump to his indoor pond had short-circuited leaving some forty partly decomposed large koi fish afloat. Needless to say the stench was unbearable except to the flies which had found a way inside the house to feast.


The fully air-conditioned house had no windows on the ground floor except for those back in the kitchen, so there was limited outlet for the foul stench. Immediately after throwing away the rotting fish, I brought the Medklinn Air Sterilizer from my house. Having enjoyed Medklinn air for the past 4 months, I was confident that this device would generate freshness into my brother?s home and remove possible air-borne bacteria from the decomposing fish and flies.


When my brother returned from his trip the next morning, I phoned and asked if the house stank. He said it smelled clean and he was thankful that the Medklinn had rid his home of the decomposed odor and refilled it with fresh crisp air.


In another vein, my daughter, who is asthmatic, has not had an attack since I started using Medklinn except for once. This happened when she was away from home at a youth camp.


Liau Qui Lin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 23rd June 2006



Dear Sir,


Medklinn Asens Premium (600 sqft)
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