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Price : 280

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Green Whizzard Pro Biotic Plant Nutrients

Price : RM 25.00

Out Of Stock

Fast , Clean, Easy , Convinent and Hygeinic Fertilizing

REVOLUTIONIZING the task of plant fertilizing. GREEN WHIZZARD have put an end to large heavy bags of useless filler compounds. No more unpleasant odour of animal manure. GREEN WHIZZARD is a highly concentrated nutrient enriched natural product which  guarantees fast, easy, clean, convinent and hygienic fertilizing.
An environmentally friendly product, GREEN WHIZZARD is well balanced with all the macro and micro nutrients that are essential for the growth and well being of the plants.
 Suitable for all type of vegetables, flowers, fruits, hedges,creepers,bonsai, ferns, lawn grass, aquatic & ornamental plants. The BEFORE and AFTER effects of the GREEN WHIZZARD on plants. Application is upmost easy. GREEN WHIZZARD had been uniquely packed in a new and innovative despensing container. Simple dash the recommanded amount unto the roots of the plant and water it down. Do this once every 2 weeks and when you notice new leaves or shoots coming out, apply once a month. Just remember to water them well and expose them to the sun light.
Results can be seen as early as within 2 weeks. The new leaves will be much greener, larger and healthier. Flowers will be more in deeper and striking colors. The due dropping of the petals will also be delayed.
GREEN WHIZZARD also enchance the fruitings and the harvesting.
However, the secret of the technology lies in the ProBiotic enzymes which stimulate the growth of the micro-organism in the soil. These help in the breaking up of the nutrients and to unlocked the previously applied fertilizers which had been lying dormant.
Easy Application - Easily dispensed from the container.
Economical - Highly concentrated. Only small amount is required.
Quick Result - Noticable results within 2 weeks.
Time Saving - Fertilizing is relatively required only once a month.
Effective - Bring out the maximum potential growth of the plants.
Convinence - Uniquely packed for easy handling and storage
Before : This is a miserable looking plant. The leaves are whithered, dry and yellowish. A hopeless situation, most people would had pulled it out and discard
After : With a dash of the GREEN WHIZZARD, the same plant is looking so much different now. The leaves are measuring 6 inches long. Green, thick and shinny.
The fruits are larger and more resilant to natural predetors
This Yam plant have leaves spanding over 4 feet long. Something that takes you back to Jurrisic Park.
More and bigger fruits.....
The Inventor : Mr Robest Yong, a renowed inventor and winner of multiple international and national awards. Among his achievements are:

1) Medals winner at the International Invention Exhibition in Geneva,  Switzerland in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.
2) 1994 National Inventor of the Year.
3) 1997 National Youth of the Year.
4) Gold medal winner at the London International Invention Fair, 1998.
5) 2000 Outstanding Young Malaysian award

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