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Price : 280

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> Household > Kitchen and Dining > Food Disposal
KleenGard In-Sink Food Waste Disposer SD1250 Premium

Price : RM 1688.00

Please order at Moresales.Asia


Free Delivery within Malaysia
SD1250 Premium = 1.25HP

Grinds food waste into small particles

KleenGard Food Waste Disposers fit conveniently under your sink. It grinds good waste into small particles that are then flushed down the sewerage drain.

By significantly reducing wet food waste and the disposal of non-biodegradable plastic bags into our landfills, you are also doing your part to help conserve the environment. KleenGard disposers are economical to operate and in fact, it is among the least expensive kitchen appliances.

Spend More Time With Family, Not Cleaning.Create a Better Living Environment.

Leaking waste bags? Smelly trash bins? Spend more time cleaning than necessary? Simply by installing a waste disposer, you can immediately enjoy more time with family, no more cumbersome spills from thrash bags and nauseating odor. Eliminating food waste through a disposer system also effectively eliminate insect and rodent infestations, creating a better and cleaner home environment.

Go Green, Save The Environment.

By using a waste disposer, you are effectively reducing the amount of wet food waste going to the landfills. It's a big effort, in a small way, to playing your part in conserving the environment for a better tomorrow.

KleenGard disposers are equipped with the latest technology permanent magnet motor that provides high torque output at 4000rpm for faster grinding, eliminating unnecessary jams. Corrosion-proof materials such as high grade stainless steel and polycarbonate 940 ensures extensive product service life.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Bio Shield Antimicrobial Protection For All Models
  • Superior 'Torque Master Grinding System'
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Exacting Manufacturing Standards
  • Exceptional Quality

Bio Shield Antimicrobial

KleenGard is the only disposer with Bio Shield, a unique antimicrobial agent, permanently molded into the grinding components of the disposer to eliminate bacteria-caused odors. It also reduces the growth of a wide range of micro organisms.

How Does Kleengard Disposer Work? Is It Safe?

All models work by simply and safely grinding food waste material into very fine particles, which are then flushed through the waste pipes without harm. Since KleenGard disposers use no blades or knives, they are very safe to operate.

Will It Fit In A Normal Sink?

KleenGard disposers are designed to fit sinks with a 90mm sink hole.

Is The Kleengard Disposer Difficult To Use?

No, only four easy steps are needed:
  1. Turn on the water.
  2. Switch on the disposer.
  3. Scrape the food waste into the disposer.
  4. Let the water and the disposer run for 25 seconds after the waste is gone and then turn off the water and the disposer.


Installation can be easily done by a moderate plumber as this is actually a DIY product.

KG-A02 Dual Outlet Air Switch
Coming Soon
Sale : RM 248

KG-A03 - 5" Sink Hole Adapter
Coming Soon
Sale : RM 138

KG-A04 - 6" Sink Hole Adapter
Coming Soon
Sale : RM 138

KG-A05 Remote Control
Coming Soon
Sale : RM 148