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Cyber Clean Convenient Pack for Home & Office

Price : RM 19.90

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75g Yellow

What is Cyber CleanŽ?

Tests around the world have proven that keyboards have a much greater level of harmful germs, dust and dirts than your average public toilet seats. Computer keyboard often store tremendous amounts of waste (such as hair, dead skin, food and dust)! A dirty and often contaminated keyboard, the remains of toner in the printer and other dirty objects can harm your health and seriously compromise the performance of your electronic devices. Cyber CleanŽ is the solution!

Cyber CleanŽ is a revolutionary cleaning compound! When it comes to cleaning action in cavities and where conventional cleaning products have physical limits, Cyber CleanŽ goes beyond all of them and gets into all cavities because of its perfect combination of viscosity and elasticity.Cyber Clean's patented formula absorbs dirt, dust and provides deep cleaning action in the cavities and on the surface by killing germs!

Cyber CleanŽ is very simple and highly efficient! Just press and pull Cyber CleanŽ on the surface of your device, and all dirt will be trapped in the material and all the disgusting things living inside your keyboard will be taken away when you pull your Cyber Clean off the surface of the device.


How to use Cyber CleanŽ ?

Cyber CleanŽ is made of a soft,flexible material that is simple to use. Take it out of the package or container and press firmly down on a dirty surface and pull back slowly,bringing all the dust and dirt with it.

The color darkens gradually the more you use Cyber CleanŽ. Please refer to the color changing scale printed on the outside of the package that indicates when it's time to purchase a new Cyber CleanŽ.

Cyber CleanŽ comes in a re-sealable package. It is important that your Cyber CleanŽ is placed in the original package after use. If the original container is not available, place Cyber CleanŽ in a zip bag that can be sealed.


Where can I use Cyber CleanŽ?

Cyber CleanŽ can penetrate the tightest and hard to get at delicate areas such as keyboards, MP3 players, cameras, mobile phones, games consoles, calculators, children's toys and much much more.


Germ Killing and Disinfecting Action

How does Cyber CleanŽ differentiate itself from others? Well, Cyber CleanŽ is a patented product in Europe, America, and others countries. Tests have proven that it is safe, environmentally friendly, and the best cleaning agent for so many difficult to reach places.  Cyber CleanŽ also promotes healthy living as its cleans and disinfects all surfaces providing a healthier living environment.


Performance & Results 

Germs a found everywhere in your daily living space. Especially on and in keyboards, cellphones, telephones, toys, remotes and other product frequently used by children. Cyber CleanŽ is by far the best cleaning agent to keep these products germ free and to provide you with a healthy environment for living and play.

Cyber CleanŽ has passed the strictest of global guideliness. Cyber CleanŽ has met many different certifications of quality and effectiveness on a number of levels from the following countries: Japan, Germany, United States, Switzerland, Sweden, South Korea, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom and many more!

Approved by several International Performance Testing institutions, Cyber CleanŽ is a product with extremely consistent and high germ killing capabilities. Cyber CleanŽ is committed to being a 'healthy' product that promotes a clean environment in the United States, Europe, Japan and other major countries and regions.

Cyber CleanŽ is a little bit moist when in use, but it will not stick to your hands beacuse of its special formula. It is also safe to use on all electronics devices whether at home, in the office, or on the go!


When pressing the Cyber CleanŽ on the dirt and dust, the cleaning surface as shown in the above picture shows water cannot pass through the Cyber CleanŽ, while the dirt and dust are absorbed and microencapsulated in the Cyber CleanŽ.


Cyber Clean Standard Cup for Home & Office
135g Yellow
Sale : RM 29.9