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Price : 280

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> Household > Energy Saver > Save Electricity
Power Saver MiniSun MS188 (TNB Bill below RM150)

Price : RM 210.00

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- Reduce 10 - 20% electrical consumption
- Stabilize the supply voltage
- Reduce electrical overheating
- Improve efficiency and power factor
- Surge and brown - out protection up to 400 volts A.C
- Reduce waveform distortions and improve harmonies
- Easy to use, maintenance free
- Earth friendly
- Manufacturer Liability Insurance RM1,000,000.00
- One year product warranty
Most Suitable for Air Cond users for shops, homes, restaurant, office & small machinery in light factories

How it works?
The Mini Sun Power Saver fine-tunes the electrical system in your home or office.  This fine-tuning reduces heat generation, reduces amperage and results in reduction consumption of electricity.  It causes less waste of electrical energy while increasing the life of the inductive equipment in your home or office.  It protects against power surges and increases the capacity to the electrical panel by making it run cooler.  All this means extra money in your pocket. Mini Sun Power Saver is backed with a One year warranty
, though the product is likely to last for five years.

The Mini Sun Power Saver unit is designed to provide significant savings on electric bills, increase the life of electrical motors through heat reduction and provide surge protection for the entire home or facility.  Using methods employed at large industrial complexes, now reduced to a compact unit, to reclaim and recycle electrical energy.  The application has benefits to both the user and the supplier of electrical power.

Power users are benefited through lower power bills; by less heat generated in motors and appliances, which will increase the productive life cycle of these products; with power surge suppression for the whole home or facility.

The technology applied by the Mini Sun Power Saver units uses capacitors to reclaim, store and supply power to inductive motors and loads.  This process provides the reactive power (kVAR) required to establish the electromagnetic field (EMF) around the inductive windings of a motor, while reclaiming and recycling the power during the normal working phase.  The power reclaimed and recycled by the Mini Sun Power Saver unit would normally be pushed back through the power distribution lines.

As a result of providing reactive power (kVAR) locally, motors run cooler and more efficient.  This equates to money savings and longer equipment life.

How to use Mini Sun Power Saver : 
- Single-phase : just plug the device into any 13 amps outlet and switch on the unit.
- 3 phases : 3 separate units are required for each phase; refer the installation to a qualified electrician!

Precaution :
- Do not use the device on multiple socket
- Plug of the power cord should be firmly attached to socket, poor or loose contact must be avoided when the
   power is on
- As the device can store electrical charge, wait for 10 seconds after the electrical supply is switched off before
   unplugging from socket

    Weight Recommended for monthly electricity / (kwh/unit)
Model W (mm) x H (mm) x D (mm) (gm) Single Phase 3 - Phase
MS 188 126 x 138 x 80 500 350 to 1000 750 to 2000 *
MS 388 126 x 138 x 80 550 500 to 2000 1500 to 6000


How the saving works?

There are two components of power: reactive power and working (real) power.
- Reactive power (kVAR) is used to create EMF in the inductive loads in your home
and business. This power performs no "real" work.

- Working power (kW) is the power that performs the function of the load.

- These two components combine to formulate Apparent Power (kVA), the total power
which the load consumes. Apparent power is equal to the square root (sqrt) of kW2 +

- Power Factor is the ratio of working power (kW) to apparent power (kVA). In other
words looking at all the power that a load consumes, how much of it (percentage
wise) is used to perform the real work?

Obviously, the lower the power factor, the lower the ratio between the apparent power
and the working power, the more inefficient the load is.
Better Power Factor
The Mini Sun Power Saver improve the power factor by reducing the amount of
reactive power (kVAR) that the load draws from the utility company. This is
accomplished by supplying the reactive power locally at the load by the use of
capacitors. Capacitors store the reactive power (kVAR) needed for the creation of the
EMF within the inductive load. As the motor operates, this reactive power is "pulled"
and "pushed" to and from the capacitors by the motor. In simpler terms, it can said
that inductive receivers (motors, etc) consume reactive energy, while capacitor
(capacitive receivers) produce reactive energy. Therefore the amount of reactive
power purchased from the utility company by a power factor optimization has been
greatly reduced, or eliminated.

Conclusion - Benefit of increased Power Factor

Consumers whose applicable tariffs include MD charges and Power Factor
surcharge shall be able to reduce their energy demand as well as consumption and
thus will benefit from both the reduced cost of energy and reduced consumption of
electricity. As for consumers whose applicable tariffs do not include MD charges and
Power Factor surcharge shall benefit from the reduction in energy consumption due
to increased efficiency of their electrical appliances, reduces in losses and better
voltage profiles.


1. Where is MS188 made ? It's assembled in Malaysia with Germany technology.

2. How to install ? For Single phase, just plug the Mini Sun Power Saver into a 13-amps outlet after the 
circuit breaker and switch on the unit.

3. Does the 1 year Warranty cover damage caused by lighting ? Yes

4. Can it use in other countries ? Yes. Mini Sun Power Saver can be use in any countries that have an electricity 
supply of 110 - 130 VAC 60Hz or 220 - 240 VAC 50Hz.

weight : about 900g , box 20x 16 x 11 cm

*Free Shipping within Malaysia & Singapore & Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia 

Sale : RM

Sale : RM