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Firenzzi Hygienic Ladies Personal Wear Washer FM-8088

Price : RM 498.00

Please order at Moresales.Asia

available in blue & pink colour
Keeps things looking pretty
No After-Wash Spin Function
The Firenzzi Hygienic Ladies Personal Wear Washer was built specifically with No After-Wash Spin function to prevent your precious personal wear from going out of shape. Most bras and panties, negligee, and even swimwear are made of delicate material, and cannot withstand the after-wash spin cycle in conventional washing machines, some going as fast as 800 rpm. 

With the Firenzzi Hygienic Ladies Personal Wear Washer, you don't have to worry about your underwear getting stretched and spoilt. This mini washing machine comes with a laundry bag to provide extra protection during the gentle wash, keeping your lingerie looking lovely! And the best part is, they'll last much longer, too. 

Keep things feeling fresh
Bacteria Killing & Disinfection Function *
When it comes to washing underwear, it's important to be really clean. That's why Firenzzi Hygienic Ladies Personal Wear Washer comes with a built-in Ozone Generator that kills bacteria 600 folds faster than chlorine does. It ionizes the air, creating O2, that combines with water to form a strong sterilization function, so it doesn't just wash, it disinfects! 

And because this process gets rid of germs, bacteria and bad odour, you can be sure that your bras and panties will come out of the wash really clean and comfortable, protecting your health and giving you confidence with every wear.
For simple solutions
Easy to use
The Firenzzi Hygienic Ladies Personal Wear Washer is extremely user-friendly, with 3 soft touch controls to run this fully automated mini washing machine. Micro-computer operated with auto water input, auto wash, auto rise, auto drainage and auto sterilization, it comes with an electric drain pump that gives you an up-drain option.
For the perfect fit
Good size
The Firenzzi Hygienic Ladies Personal Wear Washer fits perfectly into your lifestyle, with a 1kg washing capacity and wash cycle that only takes 45 minutes to complete.
For the fashion conscious
Chic & cute
Our beautiful egg-inspired oval design is a symbol of life and fortune, and is available in two attractive colour options to suit your personality.
For anywhere and everywhere
Mobile & modern
Small and stylish, the Firenzzi Hugienic Ladies Personal Wear Washer is easy to carry around making it highly portable.
For long, lasting care
Satisfaction guaranteed
Every Firenzzi Hygienic Ladies Personal Wear Washer comes with a Full One Year Warranty, which includes all parts and services.
Q & A
What is the difference with Firenzzi washer compare to other washing machine?
Firenzzi washer operates at 250 rpm while others goes up to 500 to 800 rpm during spin washing. Thus, many lingeries wouldn't able to stand these kind of pressure that would resulted lingeries being damage or out of shape.
Do Firenzzi washer have spin dry?
No, the machine do not have spin dry function in order to protect the under garment from going out of shape.
How big is the Firenzzi machine
The Firenzzi machine measures at 46cm H X 32cm W (18" in Height X 12" in width).
Is there any warranty?
One year warranty.
How many under garments can be put in to wash as per cycle?
It can wash about 5 days of under garments together at one time which is equivalent to 1 kg of dry weight of lingeries.

Do I need to use the laundry bag?
Yes, using of the laundry bag would be required ESPECIALLY for bras & panties or other delicate fabric as it act as a double protection. However, it would not be necessary for other clothing such as T-shirts or long pants.
Why do we need the laundry bag for lingeries if Firenzzi washer is designed to wash lingeries?
The laundry bag would be required due to the many different kind of material that lingeries are made. Most branded lingeries are more expensive than the washer; thereby we would strongly advice to use the laundry bag to give the double protection of your lingeries.
Where does the machine come from?
The machine is fully imported from China and it has been export to Japan, Korea and South America for more than 5 years. The quality of the machine is excellent and it has sold more than ONE million sets world wide. Korea & Japan market have this similar model to FM-8088 for US$210.00.
What is the price for FM-7033 and FM-8088?
Retail price for FM-7033 is at RM468 and FM-8088 is at RM528.00.
What is the difference between FM-7033 and FM-8088 models?
The difference between FM-7033 and FM-8088 would be FM-8088 that comes with the disinfection feature. Disinfection function operates through the Ozone generator that combines with water to form a strong sterilization function that kills bacteria and germs.

What are the available colours for each models?
FM-7033 comes with white/blue and FM-8088 comes with white/blue and white/pink.
Is it safe to wash my body shirt lingeries that cost RM 2,500 with this machine?
Yes, with the REQUIREMENT to put in the laundry bag before putting it into the machine. It would be safe as the machine operates at 250 rpm of gentle wash with NO-spin dry function. A test have been done with body shirt lingeries worth more than RM 2500 with Firenzzi washer. The lingeries are perfectly clean and are proven safe.

If the machine fails to operate, what is the support service?
For any sets purchased within one month, it would be a one to one exchange for customer from the Dealer that you have purchased from. For purchase of more than one month, the set will repair by appointed contractor and returned NOT more than 7 days.
Delivery to major Town in West Malaysia will be RM15
2 years warranty
Packing Dimension : 37.0 L x 36.5 W x 47.0 H cm
Gross Weight - 8.90 kg

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