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HealthClub Blood Pressure Monitor

Price : RM 159.00

Out Of Stock

Quick & Convenient Way to Monitor Your Personal Health

Quick & Convenient Way to Monitor Your Personal Health


  • Provides systolic, diastolic and pulse readings
  • Fully automatic inflation and deflation
  • 48 data memory with date & time


Knowing and consistently monitoring your blood pressure levels at home is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The HeathClub Blood Presure Monitor makes it easy! Just slip the cuff onto your arm and press the start button. You’ll get fast and accurate one-touch blood pressure and pulse rate measurements.


WHO Blood Pressure Classification


The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) developed the following Blood Pressure Classification. As this is only a general guideline, you should consult your physician or doctor to determine what is optimum for you.


There is no universally accepted definition of hypotension (low blood pressure), but a systolic pressure below 99mmHg is usually regarded as hypotension. (Please see pic)



1 year warranty

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