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Neck Massager 1781

Price : RM 160.50

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 The frequency of power : AC220V 50HZ/DC9V or internal DC6V Massage 1-250HZ
Pulse width / square waveforms: 0.05-0.4ms
Peak output voltage: <500V
Normal working environment of temperature: (5-40) degrees
Normal working environment humidity: 80%
Working environment storage temperature :(-40-55 C)
Working environment storage humidity: 93%
Type: BF Safety Class type

Simple  instructions :
Step1: off the outer layer of silicone insulation of the two film (this film can be to stop using the stick back to prevent dust in glue gel layer)
Step2: plug power adapter: access 220V AC power (AC power in the use of state please do not use a portable battery button so as not to interfere with each other, the impact of product life)
Step3: neck wear (1, each different thickness of the neck, please note that two pieces of conductive gel to the back of the neck close to the skin. 2, the neck will be feeling a paste, please rest assured that the use of silica gel is not sticky on the skin.)
Step4: body power switch, open the power supply (1, pressed the switch click, power-on, there will be "" A buzz, and then just the closure of a power supply. 2, in the body not pressed the switch, the remote control can not open; 3, this power switch at the start, to consider the acceptability of each of the different meridians, massage momentum at this time zero, there is no feeling.)
Step5: remote pressed "+" button (1, every time, efforts to add a file, each person according to the acceptability of the meridian efforts to adjust itself. 2, Please remote control at the neck and body with a transparent end of the square devices for the infrared receiver.)
2 months warranty
7-10 working days delivery lead time

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