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Price : 280

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QUIXX Scratch Remover

Price : RM 39.50

Buy Now

Remove Ugly Scratches, Scuffs and Small Marks

Remove Ugly Scratches, Scuffs and Small Marks Quickly and Easily with QUIXX

The Only Product that Completely Removes Scratches from All Paint Finishes!

Imagine using a scratch remover on your vehicle that actually repairs and completely removes the scratch, rather than just cover it up only to have it reappear again after a few car washes.

QUIXX Scratch Remover is a unique repair system that through a German engineered process called Plastic Deformation, effectively removes scratches from all paint finishes quickly and safely, saving you thousands of dollars in auto body costs. Engineered and produced in Germany.

German Engineered and Proven to Eliminate Scratches, Small Marks and Scuffs!


        Simple to use

        Immediate results

        Proven effectiveness - Certified by the world's leading inspection and testing agency

        Can be used on any painted surface (even metallic) including motorcycles, ATV's, jet skis, motorhomes and boats

        Environmentally friendly: water-soluble and non-toxic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Plastic Deformation?

A: Plastic deformation is a permanent distortion of a material, in this case, the paint at the scratched spot. The paint material surrounding the scratch is mechanically deformed so that it flows into the scratch gap and the scratch is filled with the vehicle's original paint.

Q: Where does the scratch go?

A: The paint material surrounding the scratch is mechanically deformed so that it flows into the scratch gap and the scratch is filled with the vehicle's original paint.

Q: Does it work on all type of Paints?

A: It works on all kind of vehicle paints (clear coats, metallics, non-metallic). On Nano paints, scratch removal is limited to minor scratches (see next question).

Q: I have a Nano technology painted car, will work?

A: Due to the thin "scratchproof" Nano layer, scratch removal on Nano paints is limited to minor scratches. The QUIXX POLISH No.1 component (1stTube) is so powerful (effective) that it can even remove the Nano layer, it should not be used on Nano paints. The QUIXX FINISH No.2 component (2ndTube) can be used on Nano paints, but is not as powerful as QUIXX POLISH No.1 component so that only minor scratches can be removed on Nano paints.

Q: Why does QUIXX use a 2 step process?

A: The 2 step process is essential for the high performance of the product. Step 1 is very effective for removing deeper scratches while step 2 removes minor scratches plus gives the surface the final shine.

Q: Does QUIXX go thru clear coats and metallic paints?

A: QUIXX works on clear coats as well as on metallic and "normal" paints and will not damage them in any way.

Q: Does QUIXX remove key scratches?

A: As long as they are not too deep that you can see primer or metal, QUIXX can remove them. If the key scratches are very long (from front to back), it takes a lot of time to do the job. Even if primer or metal is exposed, a color specific or clear coat touch-up paint pen from the car manufacturer can be used to cover the primer/metal. Then, the result of the touch up pen can be significantly improved with the QUIXX Repair system using the included extremely fine wet sanding papers and the 2-step process.Q: Where is QUIXX produced?

A: QUIXX is engineered and produced in Germany.


QUIXX Scratch Repair Kit Includes

        1 Tube QUIXX Polish (No. 1)

        1 Tube QUIXX Finish (No. 2)

        1 Polishing cloth

        4 Strips special sandpaper

        Complete instructions


I must say that I'm impressed of that QUIXX repair system. Amazing, I never believed that it was so good. I even removed a bird-spill-etching from my car. I have had it since I bought the car.


Steve Magnusson
Karlshamn, Asarum 


I just wanted to let you know that the QUIXX car scratch remover I bought worked beautifully! I'd need a microscope to see those scratches now, and some of them were bad. Fabulous product, and more than worth the money I paid for it. Thanks!

Bo Miller

Stockton, CA


I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed! I own a Black Ford Lightning that my wife blessed with a few scratches and the kit made them almost dissapear! Very Cool.

Bill Billing.

Carlsbad , CA


I purchased your Quixx Repair System last month for my wife's car. I finally had the time and inclination to give it a try this morning. I'm absolutely amazed at your product and I just got off the phone raving to my family about this great product. You gained a loyal customer who at worst can be a cynic.

Thank You,

Kenneth Frazer

Clifton Park, NY


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