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SuperSlyde - Original 100mL

Price : RM 74.27

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Handy Travel Size

Perfect for carry on luggage or your gym bag. Donít let airline carryon restrictions stop you from joining the mile-high club in SuperSlyde smooth luxury. Always carry one with you and rough rides will be a thing of the past.

SuperSlyde is a pharmaceutical grade silicone lubricant, specifically developed to be ultra-slick, unbelievably sensual, super smooth, extremely long lasting, yet easy to clean. Unlike any other silicone lubricant on the market. Non-irritating, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Latex safe

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SuperSlyde 是專業藥劑級別的矽基潤滑劑,特製成超滑、超爽、刺激官感、親切無比、特長持久濕潤又易於清理。市面其他矽基潤滑劑根本無法匹敵。不刺激配方,低過敏性,適合敏感皮膚,可安全適用於乳膠產品

 Just One Drop of SuperSlyde Will Intensify Your Sexperience

Good lubrication is an essential element for having good sex. Lubes that dry quickly, turn sticky, or require frequent reapplications can completely destroy the mood and ruin the moment. Using a great lubricant will transform your sexperience.

SuperSlyde is a premium silicone lubricant that is unlike any other product on the market. The result of over 18 months of R&D to create the "perfect lube", SuperSlyde's breakthrough formulation makes it the incredibly slippery and long lasting, yet unlike other silicone products, it is easy to clean. SuperSlyde not only makes sex more pleasurable, it will ignite your performance and intensify your sexperience.

#1 Top selling premium Silicone Lube in Singapore!

  • Incredibly smooth and slippery, SuperSlyde forms a sheer layer that glides over your skin, making every sexperience effortless and pleasurable

  • Ultra long lasting formulation that never dries - meaning you need to re-apply less often, and no more sticky residue that is so un-sexy

  • 1 drop of SuperSlyde = 10 drops of water based lubricant

  • A perfectly balanced texture that is sheer and sensual, so you can feel and enjoy every intimate moment

  • Unique formulation that is easy to clean and does not stain fabrics

  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin

  • Latex-safe

One of the best lubes that I have ever come across. Compared to what's on the market, this product is so much superior. Easy to clean, pleasurable sensation when used, and long lasting. Definitely worth the purchase!

Mark Tang, 36, Singapore

Excellent! So far, this is the best of lube Iím used before. Cool and nice, smooth and not too oily. Nice to have fun all night long. Kay C, Malaysia

Posted by Roy on 16th Jun 2013

One of the best lubes that I have ever come across. It has a slick feel yet is not sticky and tacky. Doesn't dry up quickly and is easy to wash off. A drop or two go a long way. The samples convinced me to get a bottle.

Preferred by 90% of participants compared against other leading brands

In a double blind consumer study in 2012 comparing SuperSlyde against 3 other market leading brands, SuperSlyde was selected by more than 90% of the 60 participants as their #1 choice. Impressively, it also ranked the highest on every scale that was measured: Slickness, Sensation, Duration of Lubrication, Texture & Thickness, Ease of Cleaning.

Posted by Jay on 10th Apr 2013

I just received the samples and tried them. I was amazed how good it was with just a few drops. It last really long and easy to clean.

Will definitely recommend this and buy the larger bottle! :D

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SuperSlyde Original 250mL
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Free Delivery within Malaysia
Sale : RM 138.38