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> Electronics > Audio Video DVD TV > Karaoke - MagicSing
Magic Sing - Karaoke Microphone ED9000

Retail Price : RM 988.00
Price : RM 690.00

Out Of Stock

Clearing stock !!!

The next generation of Karaoke.
Bring your family and friends together
Spotlight your talent, anytime, anywhere.

This is a ALL-in-One Digital Karaoke:

  1. Full karaoke functions embedded in one handy microphone
  2. Completely portable - bring it to your next party or holida
  3. (Optional) wireless microphone - for duets
  4. Scoring, contest, random play, recording, tempo & key change
  5. High qualify karaoke system at a fraction of the cost


  1. 2064 English songs built-in (pls email me to ask for the list)
  2. No additional players required (No CD, No DVD)
  3. Connects directly to any TV
  4. Lyrics appear on TV screen
  5. Photographic scenery displayed on TV
  6. Song reservation - max. 20 songs
  7. 3 Level (Amateur, Pro or Star Singer) scoring
  8. Real time scoring
  9. Adjustable Key, Tempo, Echo, Mic & Music Volume
  10. Continuous play
  11. Random song selection
  12. Melody guide on/off
  13. Recording function (Record your own voice while singing)
  14. Team contest - mini singing competition
  15. Upgradeable with 4 available song chip slots
  16. Compact, light and versatile
  17. Ultra high-band noise reduction
  18. Unique and stylish design


  1. Voice Frequency Range: 200~15,000Hz (-68dB)
  2. TV Channel:Video Channel
  3. Dimensions:43x43x260 (mm)
  4. Weight:184g
  5. Voltage:8V
  6. Wattage:500 mA
  7. Dots:720x480 (Interlace)
  8. Image Color:True Color
  9. Operation Temperature:-20C~65C (-4F~149F)
  10. Overflow (Under 10V): Built-in Protection Circuit for Reverse Voltage 

Package Content

One Magic-Sing Unit
Carry Bag
Microphone Stand
RCA Cable & Adapter
Song List & User's Manual

Warranty One Year
*delivery fee back to Korea for warranty repair is chargeable after 3 month

Song List
Built-In (2,064 songs) -  Free

Optional chips :

2 Chinese Chip (1,879 songs) 
3 Indonesian Chip (1,249 songs) 
4 UK 1 Chip (149 songs) 
5 Christian/Hymn 1 Chip (558 songs) 
6 Christian/Hymn 2 Chip (500 songs) 
7 Pop Vol. 2 Chip / 60's, 70's & 80's Rock (138 songs) 
8 Pop Vol. 4 Chip/Variety & Standards (148 songs) 
9 Pop-Vol. 5 Chip/Contemporary, Easy (134 songs) 
10 Pop-Vol. 9 Chip/R&B, Motown (141 songs) 
11 Pop Vol. 11 Chip/Traditional, Children & Holiday (234 songs) 
12 Pop-Vol. 12 Chip/New Release, Latin (137 songs) 
13 Pop-Vol. 13 Chip/Soft Rock, Beatles (125 songs) 
14 Pop-Vol. 16 Chip/Oldies But Goodies (84 songs) 
15 Pop-Vol. 17 Chip/New Release Songs (100 songs)

1. Where does it from ? MagicSing is made in Korea
2. Do u have ED18000 ? Going to be launched this year 2008. Pls leave your email address at, we will contact u.
If MAGICSING doesn't power up
A. When you are using the adaptor
Please make sure the adaptor is plugged into the power outlet correctly.
Check that the male plug if it is properly inserted into the female jack.
B. When you are using the battery
Please check if the battery type is AA. and If battery life is low, MAGICSING
may not power up or work properly.
If the user's voice could not be heard
Press MIC button and check the volume of the main microphone.
If the TV does not show pictures or sound
Make sure all the AV connections are properly connected according to the
correct colors. Check if the TV is already in the video mode.
When the TV screen stays still and the MAGICSING won't turn off
Press the power button for 3 seconds or longer to turn off the MAGICSING.
When the video does not show properly
To convert to PAL mode, press and hold button 8, Do not release this
button yet. Using another finger press and release power button. Do not
release button 8 until the word PAL appears on the TV screen. To convert to
NTSC mode, press and hold button 9, Do not release this button yet.
Using another finger press and release power button.
Do not release button 9 until the word NTSC appears on the TV screen.
If there is any doubt about the product's performance
Press and hold the 0 button, Do not release this button yet. Using another
finger press and release the power button. Do not release the 0 button until
the words "USER RESET" appears on the TV screen.
When the External Video Input function does not work
Make sure the External Video Pack is properly placed in
the duet receiver Slot. ( This function is optional )

Magic Sing #9 Tagalog Song Chip
Out Of Stock
Sale : RM 378

Magic Sing #11 Tagalog Song Chip
Out Of Stock
Sale : RM 378

Magic Sing #12 Tagalog Song Chip
Out Of Stock
Sale : RM 378

Magic Sing #Star Tagalog Song Chip
Out Of Stock
300 songs
Sale : RM 450