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> Pharmacy > Personal Care > Headache
Migomed for the treatment of headache

Price : RM 99.00

Out Of Stock

Headache is a very common complaint these days. The hectic pace of life, insufficient sleep, stress and other factors all contribute to what can be a very unpleasant and debilitating source of pain. The Migomed?magnetic field therapy is attuned to the body's needs and has no side-effects. It soothes the "irritated" cells in the body and largely neutralises negative external influences.
Following in-house clinical tests with Migomed?headache either disappeared or the intensity of the pain was reduced.
The Migomed magnetic waves have a range of about 30 cm. The closer the device is worn to your head, the more effective it is. It will take a little while before you feel the positive effect, so you will need to be patient. How long you wear it is up to you.             
It can beastened to the ela
stic cord enclosed as well as to neck laces.

University Reserach :
Efficacy of impulse magnetic field therapy
Treatment of tension headache, migraine and meteorosensitivity:
A double-blind, placebo-controlled study
Rainer B. Pelka, PhD
Universitä´ der Bundeswehr M?,
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39, 85577 Neubiberg/ M?, Germany
Christof Jaenicke, MD
PhytoPharm Consulting, Institute for Phytopharmaceuticals,
Waldseeweg 6, 13467 Berlin, Germany
Joerg Gruenwald, PhD
PhytoPharm Consulting, Institute for Phytopharmaceuticals,
Waldseeweg 6, 13467 Berlin, Germany
This double-blind, placebo-controlled study was carried out in order to assess the efficacy of impulse magnetic field therapy (16 Hz, 5 ?Ts) for the treatment of different types of headache and migraine, over a period of 4 weeks. 82 patients were randomly assigned to receive either active treatment or placebo (n = 41 each) and, according to diagnosis, were allocated to one out of seven diagnostic groups: (1) migraine, (2) migraine combined with tension headache, (3) tension headache, (4) cluster headache, (5) weather-related headache, (6) posttraumatic headache, (7) other forms of headache. Efficacy was assessed in terms of duration, severity and frequency of migraine and headache attacks, as well as power of concentration. The data of 77 patients was analyzed.
In the verum group, the values for all included criteria were significantly lower at the end of the treatment. The differences between active treatment and placebo were very highly significant (p < 0.0001). 76 % of active treatment-patients experienced clear or even very clear relief of their complaints. In contrast, only one placebo-patient (2,5 %) felt some relief. 8 % of the placebo-group noted a light, 2 % a significant deterioration of symptoms. No side-effects were reported.
1. I used to get migraine attack almost every week. I've consulted doctors on it, but there appears to be no remedy for it, except sleep and painkillers. Whenever I get a serious attack, it would take up to 2-3 days for me to fully recover. Although Migomed didn't work for the first time I tried it, I was persistent. The second time I tried it, Migomed worked almost instantaneously. It is able to reduce the severity of my migraine attacks. If I use it at the very first sign of an attack, I can even stop it completely. Best of all, after using it a couple of times, I've not gotten an attack for over 2 months now ... C.K. Ngoi, 40+, Perak, Malaysia

2. I've have been suffering from migraine since I was 19 and had to take strong painkillers just to alleviate the excruciating pain. Migomed is truly a miracle! I can hardly believe that this little device could work so well. I'll just have to turn it on each time I feel a migraine coming, and I'll be okay.
... Ajchara, 38, Thailand

3. Not only does Migomed miraculously ease my unbearable tension headaches due to stress and a super busy work schedule, it allows me to concentrate better at work. Migomed also works to alleviate my persistent stiff neck and frozen shoulders.
... Julia, 36, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4. I used to suffer from such severe pre-menstrual headaches, that regular painkillers no longer work for me. I had to depend on very strong painkillers every month and had almost come to accept that it is a part and parcel of being a woman. Thank goodness Migomed has proven me wrong. Migomed miraculously takes away the excruciating pain in less than 2 hours.
... Deannie Chin, 40+, Selangor, Malaysia

5. I used to get severe migraine attack each time I go under the hot sun. With Migomed I can now carry on with my activities under the scorching sun without worrying about getting a migraine attack.
... Colin Chuah, 34, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


What types of headaches can I use Migomed for?
Migomed is effective for all headaches - including migraine headache, cluster headache, menstrual headaches, morning headache, persistent headache, chronic headache, stress and tension headaches. Migomed is also effective for other body aches - including backache, menstrual cramps, stiff neck and shoulder.

What can Migomed do for my headaches?
Migomed helps to prevent, relieve and reduce the recurrence of headaches or migraine attacks.

How do I use Migomed?
Migomed may be fastened onto clothing with the clip on the back of the device, worn around the neck with the elastic string provided, or placed into the breast pocket. Always ensure that the device is within 30cm from the head.

Should I use Migomed only when I have a migraine attack? Must I use it everyday?
We recommend Migomed to be used as soon as you experience the very first sign of headache or migraine attack. However, some individuals have attested that wearing Migomed on days when they are not having a migraine attack helps to prevent and reduce the frequency of future attacks.

I experience some difficulty falling asleep when I use Migomed just prior to bedtime. How do I avoid this?
For most individuals, Migomed may be worn throughout the waking hours, only to be removed just prior to bedtime. However, if you experience extreme alertness at night or have difficulty sleeping, remember to remove Migomed 3 hours prior to bedtime for future use.


Migomed and Silensor : General

1. Can Migomed and Silensor be used for long term? Will i get dependent on it? Are there any side effects?
Pulsating magnetic field therapy has been used for over thousands of years an its safety has been proven throughout the years. Migomed and Silensor are clinically tested, and is registered as a Class lla device in Germany. They maybe ised for long term without any side effects. You will not develop any dependency on these devices.

2. Sometimes when i press the "on/off" switch, the indicator light blinks intermittently. How do i know if i've switched it on or off?
When you press the "on/off" switch, the GREEN light flashes once to indicate that the device has been switch "ON", or the RED light flashed once to indicate that the device has been switched OFF. Should the indicator light blink intermittenly when the "on/off" switch is pressed, wait for few seconds before pressing the switch again. Repeat procedure until green or Red light appears only once. When in no doubt about the working condition of the device at any point, press switch again to confirm.

3. Can the children or pregnant/breastfeeding mothers use?
It is not recommended for pregnant women to use the device. However there is no contraindication for breastfeeding mothers and children above 6 years old.

4. Are the Migomed and Silensor suitable for those using pacemaker?
Since there are no safety tests for this group of people, we do not recommend that pacemaker users use any of these devices.

5. Can Migomed and Silensor be used during flights?
Yes. In fact, the device are recommended for travellers who experience sleeping difficulties in the aircraft or experience headaches due pressure and motion.

6. If i suffer from headaches and also have difficulty sleeping at night, can i use Migomed and Silensor at the same time?
We do not recommend that both devices be used at the same time as this may affect the efficacy of both devices. Try using Migomed before u go to bed, and Silensor only when you are going to bed.

7. How long can the battery last?
With normal usage of 8 hours daily, a battery should last at least 6 months.



Made in Germany.

One Year Warranty


iWave Silensor- The Sleep Inducer
Out Of Stock
product of Germany
Sale : RM 99