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EMU MAX Cream Enlargement cream for Men

Price : RM 125.50

Please order at Moresales.Asia

Let pills, smelly leech oil, and patches. Use this Emu cream and in just a few weeks your penis will be THICKER AND WIDER than ever before! 

Emu cream contains saturated fat and other rich nutrients that absorb directly into the shaft of the penis which creates more tissue. This container should last about 6 months and ONE JAR IS ALL YOU WILL PROBABLY EVER NEED FOR A PERMANENT 1-2 INCH INCREASE IN WIDTH!

This cream has no side effects. The growth producing ingredients in this cream are all natural. Other products use man-made growth enhancing ingredients and SIDE EFFECTS COULD TAKE YEARS TO MANIFEST!

Pills - Terrible delivery system. Pills have to be digested which means a large percentage of the chemicals never make it into the blood stream. Results are temporary.

Leech Oil/Creams - Smell terrible and are not safe for people with high blood pressure!

Surgery - Very expensive, results are not guaranteed and any damage done is permanent!

WIDTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LENGTH - Women get pleasure from sexual intercourse by stimulating the walls of their vagina in fact most women do not like an abnormally long penis because it can strike the cervix (located at the bottom of the vagina) and that hurts! Having said that, there are reports of increases in length using this cream!

 If you use this cream with a Road Warrior Whacker you can kill two birds with one stone. Most (healthy) men that shoot too quickly simply have weak muscles that are required to hold their load. This is usually a result of having a very small amount of sexual intercourse throughout their lives. This includes married men. The specially formulated cream and the whacker provide you with all the sensations of having real sex, minus the tension and pressure of having to please anyone. The longer you use the cream with the whacker, the more accustomed you will become to feeling these sensations and train your penis to handle them while increasing your penis size at the same time.

Jar will remain fresh for up to 1 year Store in a cool dry place

Main Ingredients: Emu Oil - Promote Tissue Growth

EMU MAX Cream Enlargement cream for Men (1 Jar + 1 sleeve package)
Coming Soon
Sale : RM 165

EMU MAX Cream Enlargement cream for Men (2Jars)
Coming Soon
Sale : RM 230

Coming Soon
Sale : RM 225

EMU MAX Cream Enlargement cream for Men (3Jars)
Coming Soon
Sale : RM 315